In 2015… We’ve GROWN!

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A New Year means new opportunities for: Networking, meeting clients, expansions, learning from previous mistakes and so on… A New Year simply means new opportunities to grow.

During the year of 2015 UTS has grown in so many different ways: We’ve
•    Enjoyed networking
•    Improved our approach toward clients
•    Introduced new technologies
•    Digitalized our services and simplified our processes
•    Reduced our customers waiting time in our stores

With all the new technologies available nowadays, companies are having a tough time to stay on top of these developments, while also focusing on targeting their clients directly with their products & services. Clients are also becoming more demanding and know exactly how they want to be served. All these developments have challenged us to look for new and improved ways to continue to shape our products and services to accommodate our customer’s needs.  We’ve had to go back to the drawing table, spending lots of time and energy in simplifying the services that matter the most to our customers.

The coverage of our Chippie network has been significantly improved by having added new and modern base stations. We’ve also introduced top of the line mobile services called: 4G LTE.

Customers waiting time has also been an aspect that we’ve improved on. Customers that visited our UTS Stores the past year have surely experienced the difference. We’ve managed to lower the waiting time from 1 hour and up to under 30 minutes. We have also noticed the waiting time of our call center and have therefore increased our staff. We realize that increasing our staff alone is not enough and therefore UTS will continue to invest in upgrading our staff through continuous training.

Investing in new technologies allowed us to offer new and improved services. With services like Fiber Internet Connection we continue to be ‘on top of the game’ and assure that our services offer the highest compatibility in the new digital era.

By digitalizing our services and improving our processes we increased customer satisfaction. During 2015 we conducted our customer research called: ‘Bo opinion ta konta’ to help us understand what you as our customer need and want. Methods like the one mentioned above are still ongoing, because we realize that our customers change; and so must our way of doing business.

Improving our approach towards customers wasn’t an easy task. It took lots of efforts of each and every UTS employee, especially our frontline staff. We realize that we still have a lot to learn and improve, but we celebrate the fact that our social media pages (Especially our Facebook page) has grown in ‘Likes’/ followers and engagement. They are a constant source of technical and technological information for our customers, but also a way for us to interact with our customers answering questions and or suggestions rapidly.
The general UTS e-mail address ( process has also been brushed up to ensure that our customer satisfaction rate will increase.
Last but not least, by means of this article, we are also introducing our Blog called: ‘TECH SMART’. Through this Blog we strive to keep you up to date on a constant basis with valuable information, with the sole purpose to give you more options to receive the information that you are looking for.

In 2016 we aim for more of these notable achievements. We will ensure that all our achievements of 2015 will continue to be present in 2016 and will be improved when necessary. By means of hard work and dedication, we aim to accomplish our 2016 strategic plan in order to be the trendsetter as your mobile, fixed and internet provider in Curacao and our region.
We hope that we can continue enjoying your support in 2016.
Wishing you lots of positivism, determination and joy in the New Year.
And more importantly: Lots of UTS.


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