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Nowadays most people want to be “online” as much as possible: to check on status updates, to upload videos or to follow the news as soon as it is on. This can easily be done via a Wi-Fi connection, and the great thing about Wi-Fi is: no additional charges. Then again, how would you manage when being on the road, waiting at your doctor’s office or if there is no electricity? Besides, you don’t want to wait to update your status or to share that beautiful picture you just took until you are in Wi-Fi range, right? No need to panic.

Activate a datapackage and stay connected even when there is no Wi-Fi connection available. This is called being “free”: not bound to one location or place in order to be and/or stay connected.

First things first: Choose the right package; the one that fits your personal needs.
No idea which data package would fit you best?

Start by checking the packages your provider has to offer and match your budget with your data needs. If you have no idea how much data you might need, check your data manager. Most devices have a built-in datamanager; otherwise you can download one easily. This “app” will keep track of your data usage and provide a good view of how much data is being used and for what (which “apps” e.g. YouTube, FB, Twitter).

Important note: make sure your device settings are set to avoid unnecessary datausage such as auto-play (in FB). You can also set your device to only download updates when connected to a Wi-Fi service, unless you approve differently. Get to know your device and your usage in order to fully enjoy the possibilities of being connected on the GO!


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