5 ways to improve your Wi-Fi signal

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I’ve worked for quite some time as a helpdesk officer and one thing is for sure, when it comes to Wi-Fi troubleshooting, is that troubleshooting wireless routers seem like a baffling exercise.  This is only until you realize that there are really just two main factors to consider—coverage and speed.

Yes, you can have one without the other. For example; if you notice that online videos are slow to load or are constantly having to buffer before playing no matter how close you are to the wireless router, than your most probably having internet speed issues (considering that your PC is working properly). If your internet experience improves gradually as you come closer to your wireless router, then applying these 5 simple suggestions might help you fix the Wi-Fi coverage issues you are experiencing.

1.    The first thing you would definitely want to do is position your router out in an open space.
2.    You would also want to lift your router above the ground for a better signal penetration.
3.    You should keep your router as far away as you can from other electronic devices.
4.    Point the antennas in different directions
5.    Check your router signal and re-adjust if needed.

Follow these steps to improve your signal strength, and feel free to share this article and leave comments. We would love to hear from you if any of our suggestions was useful to you.

-    Neftali Girigoria    -


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